New Beginnings

Ok, so that guy I posted about a week or so ago, happened to have a lot of drama centered around him, so I decided to cool it for a minute and just let him know that his actions are confusing and that he has my number and to call me when he gets it together. Yet, since we bonded over our favorite dreyers popsicles (do you sense a pattern here); lime, I decided to text him yesterday cause I had a taste of pineapple, and let me just be a spokesperson here, THAT WAS THE BEST DAMN POPSICLE I HAVE HAD IN A LONG TIME. So, long story short he texts back that he is in need of pineapple, cause he hasn’t had it for so long. So, I offer to bring him one. HE declines! We basically get into a text message miscommunication and I go to sleep saddened and angry. Fast forward to this morning as I am walking Orion to school and who do I see but popsicle man, I try to duck, yet I am walking right past his store. SO, he waves, I wave and he steps outside to talk, which surprises me, cause I thought that we had ended with we weren’t going to be friends. He starts chit chatting to Orion about his teddy bear and how it looks really old school (you would have thought he was reminiscing on his childhood teddy bear, nostalgia written all over his face), mind you Orion isn’t a morning person and unless your mama, he ain’t talking to you. I mean he wont even talk to his corner produce boys, whom are like his bro-dawgs. So, after a few tries he turns to me and starts talking about the crazy weekend he had with the Seafair and all, and I sure as hell would lose at  poker, because I have confusion written all over my face.  I mean isn’t this the guy that texted me last night that given my last text before the popsicle one, he thought we had closure, and I’m like we didn’t even have anything to have closure. So you can imagine my surprise, all I can muster is “SO, I’m assuming you wanna be friends then?” and he’s like “Yes, I only declined your offer cause I didn’t want you to think you had to bring me a popsicle.” and I’m like, “I don’t do anything I don’t want to do. I am just a nice person, and when I said wipe the slate clean, I was talking about the crazy girl from our first conversation, I just don’t want to be put into that category. It was meant to be a joke.” So, we got past that. It was funny cause I walk past his store every morning and I never really see him, but last night I had a conversation with god about him, and I’m pretty sure the LORD told me to not lose sight. SO, in the end, I brought him a popsicle when I picked up Orion. HE had already left, so I left it with one of his employee’s. I’m gonna let this one pursue me, he knows I’m interested, so now I’m gonna sit back and let the angels do their work.