words strewn across a paper

none greater than the sounds of your voice


drowned in vats of wine

clouded illusion through the haze

warmth lost from the absence of your touch

the fire has dwindled into a mere flicker

we once thrived in the others presence

where has the love gone, I still feel it

foolishly I cling, shreds of hope



-Latoya aka BFLYsouljah

M(use). I.(nspiration)A.(rtist)

Given M.I.A.’s recent superbowl controversial gesture, I feel it only appropriate to highlight her. She is such an amazing person, she is a philanthropist Β and humanitarian! She has been nominated for the Brit Award (which only makes sense given she is from the UK), Academy Award, Grammy Award, Mercury Prize, and Alternative Turner Prize. Maya, as in her given name, is an artist of the twentieth century. Her mediums include, yet are not limited to Music, Graffiti, Fashion, Paint, Visual Art, Film, Spoken and Written Word, amongst the few. M.I.A is definitely in my view a woman that she be honored for the many accomplishments she has endured and the ones she shares with her millions of fans.


LuxuriousLatoya aka B.F.L.Y.

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