magnetic steel

                               rasta everywhere.

So, this weekend was really amazing! Orion, Kate and I drove down to Eugene, Oregon to attend North West World Reggae Festival!!!!!! I fell in love with reggae music all over again! I mean, it literally runs through my veins, I am Jamaican and all! I always tell people, that Bob Marley and Marilyn Monroe had a kid, and her name is Simone. HAHA aside from that. I also fell back in love with my muse Bobby Hustle!!!

It’s been a hot minute since hearing him live! I failed to show up to his performance in June at the HG Lodge (and I was on the guest list and all. Orion was sick. That is the part of parenting singly I do not like, when your child is sick, whom can you leave with them but, only the other parent!) Anyway, this young man brings so many emotions into my being! He really reminds me what I am doing here. I created a mens line after him B.F.L.Y. Bobby. (which at the conception, pissed my then boyfriend off, we shall have him stay nameless. he was always asking me to design him an article of clothing. which creating art together was one of the main reasons we moved in together. Yet, instead he watched T.V. in his free time. I mean, if you can’t inspire the creator then, please don’t expect them to create something in your honor!) Anyway to bring you up to speed on Robert/Bobby Hustle and I’s friendship it goes like this, I saw him at Bumbershoot 2007 with Chukki, one of his best friends, dj, and housemates. My girls and I were directly behind them. I thought damn that boy is cute, can you imagine my surprise when we saw them at The Baltic Room later that evening! I had just found out I was pregnant with Orion. Bobby Joe (Orion’s father) and I technically were sorta together. So, my admiration was left at that. Fast forward a year or so and I started seeing him everywhere. Then at Soundclash 2009, I bumped into him and I swear it was “magnet to steel”, he gave me a flier and It was over for me, I went home listened to his myspace page and fell in love, especially with his song “mama” dedicated to his mother, it brings tears still till this day. I went home and started designing and it’s been over since then. This Creator makes this Creatress flow. Robert and I are not a couple, we never were, yet I would like to think that someday, I will inspire him the way he does me. I mean, he gets his own line in BFLYsouljah Couture. One day, everything he wears will be designed by me, probably sewn by me as well. Cause he will wear the original.  He truly is the epitome of a MUSE. I want to surround myself with more bredrens like him! Yet, he holds a special place in my heart! He is more than a muse, he is a love.

So, to clarify Bobby Hustle is single! Simone Shaw is single. We are just two kindred spirits riding the same wave. I am not denying that some times I crush harder on him then any other man in my 30 years upon this earth, yet, I’d like to think it is Bobby Hustle that I crush for, cause Robert Spenser and I have yet to really know each other (2years). So, then it brings me back to the whole muse thing, because there are parts of him that I want to dig deeper into, yet, how do you do that with someone that you have no idea how you truly feel about them? I think I keep my distance for fear of feeling something that I think he called out last year at my friends dinner party he escorted me to. I sometimes feel when we do things outside of the reggae scene, then I can truly see how magnificent he is on a deeper level. He reminds me so much of a SAGE. I do know that I need to fit him with some B.F.L.Y.souljah gear ASAP. I also need more music, maybe a day in the studio listening to Dynasty Records Tunes with Bobby spittin’ fire ‘pon the mic! I’ll admit that I used to daydream about him way more than I wouldv’e had anyone know. Yet, now when the dreams come along, I just give it up to the creator that him and I are connected beyond this lifetime.


 Simone Shaw