analog girl in a digital world


It seems that some of us have forgotten about one of the Queens of hip-hop, MS. Neo-Soul herself, Erykah Badu. Erykah happens to be one of the most freshest, righteous womyn to roam planet earth. The other day, one of my favorite people, Jeremiah Buren and I were chillin at the BFLYsouljah Studio/SHAW residence listening to MS.Badu while watching her videos on youtube. Which Jeremiah stated was one of the most epic things to do on a Friday. We were so amazed at her raw talent (JereMIAH, was speechless) and how she is bringing forth collective consciousness on a extreme level. It isn’t a surprise that there would soon come a time that I speak/write/flow about my infatuation with Erykah. It is hard to place words on how much I would love to sit and listen to MS.Badu spit her lyrical genius upon my ears. Yet, I shall try…

My infatuation all started the moment I heard the sweet, sultry lyrical poetry from Baduizm in my favorite record store, Hungry Ear Records. Growing up in a small town on an Island this happened to be one of the most illest spots to work or just hang out. I probably had a crush on almost everyone whom worked there (just shows I have been a lovable loving person since conception), so let’s just say I was around a lot. Especially given that my weekly guitar lessons were upstairs, I must have been their best and favorite customer. Anyway, back to MS. Badu, I remember when I heard her sing “Tyrone” I knew I was a fan for life!!! I instantly wanted to be just like her (mind you, I was a young impressionable teen), luckily Erykah is a mother first and foremost and it is her destiny to reach all of life’s children in the most uplifting spiritually positive way. So, she was/is one of the best role models.

Erykah’s natural beauty is what really started this infatuation. When she arrived on the musical scene she was stocked with a head full of locs. She wore the most amazing natural flowing garments and she preached the love of oneself and to put yourself first, and to pick your friends like you pick your fruit (which I am very selective as to what I put in my living temple). I still listen to Erykah as if It were my first time listening to her.

I am constantly surprised by the ย amount of amazingness this woman exudes. I strive to live my life in a way that has such an effect on people as does MS. Badu. Her affect is mainly positive & uplifting, yet many people are offended by the fact that MS. Badu has 3 children, by 3 different men, whom she has never married. It’s funny to me how, because she isn’t married to their fathers, she is looked down upon by many. I mean the woman is a spectacular mother, she provides for all of her children, she is happy, she once was in love with the fathers of her children, and the fathers are present in their children’s lives, yet people still look down upon her. This baffles me, given that there are many people whom are married with children, yet they are very unhappy. Or their are the really wealthy, whom have children, yet never spend anytime with them. The American society is very judgemental and is filled with an abundant amount of hyprocrisey.

Personally, I am not on the band wagon for more children. The idea is nice, yet my idea is to build a Fashion Empire and as selfish as it may seem, I am not equipped to give the amount of love and attention as I have given and do give to Orion as I would another child (I mean at times I feel extremely guilty that I am unable at this time to give Orion my undivided attention whenever he asks for it). Now, given that I am a single parent, this could change when my spiritual partner and I meet. Yet, I admire Erykah in doing her and continuing to love, amongst the many heartbreaks.

Taking a chapter from Erykah’s book, I am going to open my heart again. I am going to continue to build my empire and do me. Peace be with you!


Simone Shaw