Dan William James Prasad


I found  Dan William James Prasad (click on his name to be directed to his tumblr blog) through Hunger TV; which is my new go to Fashion Magazine (Blogpost on that later). DWJP (as he will be referenced to throughout the rest of this post), is a London musician with a passion for fashion tailoring, which led to his desire to blend his two passions together, thus DWJP attended Edinburgh College of Art, graduating with a BA from the Fashion Programme; which is well renowned Internationally as one of the most successful art colleges in Europe. Through the skills acquired there, DWJP has become a fashionname to be on the look-out for in making a breakthrough in menswear design… DWJ Prasad <– Direct link to his uber clean, minimalist, chic website.  The reason I am drawn to DWJP’s minimalist approach is partially due to the sharp, clean cuts of the garments, but what really attracts me is how he blends his rock&roll musician style into the tailored jackets and pants, it is so subtle that you may not even notice it if you know nothing of the rock&roll genre.

Dan_Williams_James_Prasad_Lookbook7Dan_Williams_James_Prasad_Lookbook3Dan_William_James_Prasad_Lookbook6 Dan_William_James_Prasad_Lookbook5 Dan_William_James_Prasad_Lookbook4 Dan_William_James_Prasad_Lookbook2

“My pre- collection symbolizes the two most important genres in my life, “musician and designer”. Together they represent sophistication; design, music, composition and most importantly they provide me with an outlet and a way to express myself as an individual. Within my life there is a perfect blend between my love of tailoring and music composition however I feel that this is an area and combination towards design that I must explore.” -Dan William James Prasad; as told to Hunger Magazine

What do you believe makes a designer stand out amongst the rest? is it innovation, is it classic timeless pieces season after season? I would love to hear what draws you to certain designers continuously, and repel against others.

Xx Simone

OOTD-1 continued

I really desire the companionship of a male counterpart, one that has a great eye to detail and can capture the most amazing photographic memories of the amazing outfits that I embody daily…I have fallen upon someone, yet I have yet to seal the deal. I am praying that we work well together. Wish me luck, that it falls into place the way it should, I will keep you posted. Until next time here are some candid in between Sociology papers and reading.






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dawning of a new day

It has been so long since writing in you. I suppose It has something to do with my depression. It creeped in when least expected it and sorta took over in the most unconventional way…I will spare you the details…needless to say, I am ready to take on a new year and a new day! I start Seattle University; Albers School of Business and Economics on the 4th and I could not be more ecstatic!!! I also am embracing the fact that we are moving AGAIN! There are many reasons, yet the main reason being that we are blessed with a housing voucher and need a year lease and my landlord doesn’t want to sign one (really long story), yet let’s just say from now on, when I feel that my gut is telling me that a certain person isn’t a true friend, I NEED to listen. Regardless, I have experienced a cleanse of the bad and am moving onto the FUCKEN RIGHTEOUS! I am extremely blessed to be able to look at this experience as a blessing, because that is what it is. Yeah, I won’t have a fireplace in my bedroom and instead of a water view, we will have a city view. Yep, no hardwoods, yet new plush carpet. Yep, no washer dyer in unit, yet just 3 floors down with elevator access! Plus, I will be 7 blocks from school, which with the rate I pay for my classes I need to be as close as possible! and I am close to the friends that do matter, the ones that are there when you need them and even when you don’t or think you don’t. The ones that love me through my faults and weaknesses…Plus downtown shopping is a stones throw away!!!!!

Given this newly acquired rental, I have decided to move into a studio space!!!! I feel incredibly excited about this new journey, I also know I will get so much more work done with the space not being in my living room and I will be able to decorate my home and make it feel like a home, not work/home space! Ellie and I are looking into spaces!!! I think we found one, we shall see tomorrow.  On another note, I am looking at getting braids again, yet this time I want ones that are spiral…I also am determined to lose 30 pounds!!!!!! I put on a ton of weight this year, 15 pounds to be exact and I haven’t lost the last 15 pounds of baby weight so I am determined to lose them all in 2012!!! With access to Seattle University Gym, I will be back to shape in no time!!! Plus, I start my annual yoga membership in January as well…well I wanted to post something for December…so here is my updated life…more fashion NOW.

one last thing…

So, today is the last day in September and I wanted to share my new fashion crush…Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent…I mean I had liked her before, but now I am in love with her pre-fall look. Please do tell me what you think…

If you live in the Seattle area, you can come across her stuff at http://www.veridisclothier.com/. Stephanie Bohn the owner is incredibly awesome in so many ways. More on her later! Ciao for now.


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