{Fall} regal

Fall regal

Balmain jacket
$5,030 – farfetch.com


With the chillier nights, come the autumn festivals. The balls; Halloween {ball}, Thanksgiving {ball}, Winter {ball}, all of these festivities require a gown. Yet, for someone like myself, that may feel too made up; girly in a gown with heels, I would pair my gown with a 1920’s Military-esq  Jacket and gold-adorned combat boots. The purse can either be carried as a clutch, thrown over a shoulder or swung over the body; either way it’s a win-win situation.
what’s your Fall ball gown go to outfit? anything quite similar to mine? or are you imagining the gown with flats and a grecian head piece? leave your comments below, I’d love to hear your take.
BFLY mama aka Latoya

GooGOO for Gosling

I wonder what took me so long to find a celebrity crush worth crushing over. THEN I watched “Crazy, Stupid, LOVE” and voila I remember the man that made me want to be taken in a man’s arm’s and wrap my legs around his waist. i.e “The Notebook.”

since then I have fallen head over heels in crush mode. I mean I literally had a dream that Ryan and I bumped into each other in a mall in New York and I just walked past him and said I loved you in that movie, we grabbed hands and you know that lingering of hand holding you do when you are leaving someone you love, where you slowly release  hands. We did that. I then went back into the dressing room and screamed I just met Ryan Gosling and I grabbed the nearest girlfriend and walked out of the dressing room.

When we got out of the dressing room, Mr.Gosling was there and I looked at him and said, should we grab lunch? The next thing I know we are in his jeep with a bunch of his friends and my friends and we are jumping sand dunes, all the while I am holding onto him for dear life having the time of my life. In my dream Ryan was shocked I asked him to lunch and I was anticipating him saying no, so when he grabbed my hand and we are off in his jeep I was in awe that I scored such an adventurous date.

If  I didn’t have to pee so bad, I probably wouldn’t have had to wake up from the dream. Which I was super surprised I even had. I mean I just didn’t realize that I had a crush on him and now I am vowing to not sleep or date another man, unless he gives me the shivers like Mr. Gosling. I think it had a lot to do with New Years Eve and being my friends date. I normally meditate into the new year, but it was nice to do something different. While there I saw some crushes from 2011 and it occurred to me that  none of them made me googoo. I mean most of them I WAS interested in from afar, yet when I saw them in the flesh it just made me realize I want zazazoo!!!!! I also want a MAN to swoop me off my feet, although I am not prepared for a relationship.

I want to want to be around them no matter what. I also want them to be drop dead gorgeous, cause when I think about it that is what I strive for and what I reflect when at my best. I mean Mr.Gosling looks good with or without his facial hair, not very men can pull this look off.

I mean if those baby blues don’t make you crazy for him, then I could go on and on about his ab(licious)dominal muscles. He makes me want to get my six-pack back so bad, just so I can rub them up against his giant life size picture that will now be hanging in my closet of my new apartment (Yes, I am moving back to the city).

Well what I can say is that 2012 is my year for amazingness, and that I am not settling for less. All of the advice that I have given my girlfriends about the not settling for less and that they deserve the best is now my own personal motto.

His boyish good looks and uber stylish persona make me feel that I know that what I want isn’t what I have seen and what I have seen are more boys then men. I am now on the quest to see all his movies in descending order. I am going to have a Ryan Gosling party in my new apartment and invite all of my girlfriends that are into caucasian men.

we shall sip on wine and whiskey and drool over Ryan with and without his shirt on. I am seriously smitten over him. I am not one of those girls that think that he and I will get married and live happily ever after, especially cause I am not interested in being married anytime soon and him and I have never met and he is dating Eva Mendes (lucky B).

Yet, in the end he is still a celebrity worth crushing on and worth typing about.

Top NYE picks

Top NYE picks

Kelly Ewing strapless cocktail dress, 120
Elizabeth and James strapless satin dress, 134
Chiffon ruffle dress, $90
Christopher Kane multi colored dress, $1,530
Adam sleeveless dress, $214
Rachel Gilbert long gown, $582

I know that New Years Eve is 69 days away, yet this year I intend on being in New York City. So I have chosen some dresses that  I would love to wear to the many parties I intend on attending. Although some are out of my price range, a girl’s gotta dream. If i could have only one, I would definitely go with the Ava tiered silk-organza and silk-satin gown, which seems to be sold-out. Yet, I’m an optimistic person. What are you planning on doing for New Years Eve? Where are you going to celebrate? Have you decided what your going to wear? Please do share, I would love to get some more ideas.


Latoya Simone Shaw

Beautiful inspiration

This week alone, I have gone out dancing twice! I remember before Orion, I would go out dancing almost every single night. I love to dance, it is also one of the reasons I design. I love the way the human body moves in material. I especially enjoy the different forms of dance, which i partake in, belly dancing, break dancing, butoh, ballet, tap, choreography etc. Most of all I love music and being able to express myself through movement is part of what keeps me creating. The meaning of B.F.L.Y.souljah is Beautiful, Flowing, Luxurious Youthful soulJAH’s. Dancing is one of the way’s that I embody all the elements of a BFLYsouljah! Amongst the world we have many talents, yet below are some of the talents that got me started in my career as a designer.



one and only Aaliyah

Miss Jackson

New Beginnings

Ok, so that guy I posted about a week or so ago, happened to have a lot of drama centered around him, so I decided to cool it for a minute and just let him know that his actions are confusing and that he has my number and to call me when he gets it together. Yet, since we bonded over our favorite dreyers popsicles (do you sense a pattern here); lime, I decided to text him yesterday cause I had a taste of pineapple, and let me just be a spokesperson here, THAT WAS THE BEST DAMN POPSICLE I HAVE HAD IN A LONG TIME. So, long story short he texts back that he is in need of pineapple, cause he hasn’t had it for so long. So, I offer to bring him one. HE declines! We basically get into a text message miscommunication and I go to sleep saddened and angry. Fast forward to this morning as I am walking Orion to school and who do I see but popsicle man, I try to duck, yet I am walking right past his store. SO, he waves, I wave and he steps outside to talk, which surprises me, cause I thought that we had ended with we weren’t going to be friends. He starts chit chatting to Orion about his teddy bear and how it looks really old school (you would have thought he was reminiscing on his childhood teddy bear, nostalgia written all over his face), mind you Orion isn’t a morning person and unless your mama, he ain’t talking to you. I mean he wont even talk to his corner produce boys, whom are like his bro-dawgs. So, after a few tries he turns to me and starts talking about the crazy weekend he had with the Seafair and all, and I sure as hell would lose at  poker, because I have confusion written all over my face.  I mean isn’t this the guy that texted me last night that given my last text before the popsicle one, he thought we had closure, and I’m like we didn’t even have anything to have closure. So you can imagine my surprise, all I can muster is “SO, I’m assuming you wanna be friends then?” and he’s like “Yes, I only declined your offer cause I didn’t want you to think you had to bring me a popsicle.” and I’m like, “I don’t do anything I don’t want to do. I am just a nice person, and when I said wipe the slate clean, I was talking about the crazy girl from our first conversation, I just don’t want to be put into that category. It was meant to be a joke.” So, we got past that. It was funny cause I walk past his store every morning and I never really see him, but last night I had a conversation with god about him, and I’m pretty sure the LORD told me to not lose sight. SO, in the end, I brought him a popsicle when I picked up Orion. HE had already left, so I left it with one of his employee’s. I’m gonna let this one pursue me, he knows I’m interested, so now I’m gonna sit back and let the angels do their work.

Interracially Beautiful.

I originally started this post about a man, yet, what I would like to bring to light is the interracial couples that I have experienced through the media. I state this because, I grew up in Hawaii,where it is common to see this. Yet, now living in Seattle I wonder how I am perceived because, I tend to attract caucasian males. I mean, I wonder if Black men are intimidated by me? I don’t discriminate, but, I tend to go for dark hair, tan/dark skin. I mean I do have a thing for Red Heads! Which is quite the opposite of what I usually look for. So, it comes as no surprise that the most recent attraction I have made happens to be a Redhead. Yet, this one comes with some strange requests (which don’t they all).
So, I am a bit lost as to what I am suppose to think about my encounter with a man that I have been crushing on for awhile. He gave me his number, he told me to call. We spoke, he just encountered a crazy girl. So, he needs a week break from hanging out with anyone. He told me that the first time he saw me he thought, Damn, she is yummy. Which is exactly what I am. I mean, he was so honest with me. I like that about him. I like many things about him, yet, I don’t even know him and I am extremely frightened to get to know him. I have extremely bad anxiety, so I tend to take anxiety medication. I didn’t take it this weekend, and I left him a message stating that I thought it was unfair of him to categorize me with the crazy girl. I mean he is the one whom gave me his number and then he doesn’t want to hang out? No offense to me, he says. Which if I hadn’t just got out of a year of longing and pining for a boy who pretty much led me on a wild goose chase, I wouldn’t be so crazy. I don’t even know if I am being crazy or if this is a valid reason to be suspicious of him. So, I sit in the coffee shop, wondering if I shouldn’t even try to have anything with him. DAMN, am I screwed when it comes to men?
Then, I suppose we as woman are all a bit screwed when it comes to dating. Men, are so indecisive.
It just so happens that I could see a future with him. He has a lot going for him; he owns/inherited his business. He works a lot. He is older (32 to be exact) He is quite flirtatious. He practices yoga. He likes to chill and relax. He tends to stay home a lot, and do domestic things. Yet, I am just a bit nervous about the whole, crazy girl situation and him putting me in that box. I hate being put in a box and I hate when I am not given a fair chance. So, we are back to the drawing board. Well, it is time for me to do homework.

xoxo Latoya